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Discover How Thousands Are Saving Time & Money By Getting Their Health Questions Answered 24/7 By Certified US Physicians From The Comfort Of Home


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How Does QHealth Work?

Connects you immediately to a doctor

Anytime you have a non-emergency medical issue, QHealth is ready to help

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Save up to 50% OFF your doctor's bills

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No more driving and waiting at the doctor's office

Fast Prescriptions

Pickup at a pharmacy close to you in the US

US based, board-certified physicians able to treat a wide range of patients and conditions

Formally reviewed every 6 months on a basis of patient feedback and peer reviews

They are doctors just like your primary care physician (PCP) or pediatrician

QHealth allows them to give you access to more affordable & convenient healthcare

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Anytime you have a non-emergency medical issue, QHealth is ready to help

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Review of your medical records

Diagnosis of common conditions and recommended treatment plans

General information & questions

What Can I Use QHealth For?

Prescribed non-controlled medications to the pharmacy of your choice

Who Are The QHealth Doctors?

Anytime you have a non-emergency medical issue, QHealth is ready to help

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I wasn't feeling very well, so I decided to stay home. I tried calling some doctors in our medical network. Either I had to wait 2 weeks or they were not taking new patients, so I called QHealth. The doctor called me back within 30 minutes. I chatted to him for about 15 minutes. He wrote me a prescription that I picked up at my local pharmacy. It was an awesome experience and it saved me time and money.

Ann F, Ft. Worth, TX

Just after my divorce my daughter got very sick with a fever, itchy eyes running nose and coughing. I had no insurance, and was living in a different state. My friend had recommended QHealth, so I called them. The doc called back quickly and sent a prescription to a pharmacy nearby. Thank you QHealth you were there when i needed you the most!

Lisa B, Marshfield, MA

My son goes to school in Columbus and I live in Cleveland. He was sick but didn't want to visit a doctor. When his condition got much worse I suggested he contact QHealth. The doctor prescribed two medications and my son was able to pick up the meds that afternoon. Even though my son lives far away, I feel great knowing that a doctor is just a phone call away.

Debbie A, Glenwood, NJ






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